The Atlantic coast has a spicy mix of Caribbean cultures and communities - Rama, Miskito, Mayangna, Garifuna, Creole, Latino all live side by side, each with their own fascinating history. The palm fringed rivers around Bluefields are otherworldly and earmarked by anglers, otherwise it’s a region for the adventurous.

For aquamarine waters and secluded tropical beaches, there  are two jewels of the Nicaraguan Caribbean.

Little Corn Island

A Caribbean island of only one square mile with no cars, a relaxed latino creole culture, an authentic village and a handful of laid-back cafes. Small golden beaches and crystal blue water surround a maze of pathways to explore the palm groves and hidden corners of the island.

This is island life and a place to chill. Wander, lounge and bathe. You can also dive, snorkel or kite surf; sail, kayak or paddle board; there are horses on the island and fishing is local trade.

Pearl Cays

From Little Corn Island or the coast, we organize unforgettable day trips to Pearl Cays, a cluster of tiny pristine, palm fringed islands, a Caribbean paradise hard to believe still exists. You pick the view, we rig hammocks between the palms and serve chilled Sauvignon blanc and seafood.