We design and deliver standout trips

With a history in travel documentary production, our winning formula combines unrivaled local intel, fresh, imaginative ideas and
meticulous planning.

We always go the extra mile

We want your trip to be wonderful, we want to create the stuff of memories. Whatever it is, if it’s possible, we’ll make it happen.

“They are every adventurer’s dream, impressive knowledge and contacts, willing and able to turn on a dime.”

Bella Pollen,
Financial Times

Whatever your budget, we’ll make it work

We have intimate local knowledge to find the right blend of where to go, where to stay and what to do that works for your pocket while making sure your adventure hits the spot.

Real Latin America go under the radar, reaching parts of their countries and cultures that other travel specialists don’t.”

Catherine Fairweather,
Porter Magazine

Local intel for independent travellers

If you prefer to book your own trip, but you’d like our support,
we do that too.

“I cannot recommend this more, a unique, personal advice service for independent travellers, local expertise you will not find online.”

Naomi Smart,

25 years making travel documentaries

Our founder spent 25 years making award winning documentaries around the world, many of them travel films. Since we began in 2015, this has been the backbone of our special skillset to visualise and produce standout trips.