We recognize that many independent travelers prefer to organize and book their own trips, but they need vital local intel. Support while they are here is helpful too. So for a one-off fee, we offer just that.

‘It was great but had we known…’ is something we hear a lot. In Central America, having a great local contact makes all the difference. If you go it alone online, it’s likely you’ll come unstuck somewhere and if you are planning a 1-2 week trip, it’s a shame to waste a day or two because the town, the hotel, the room, the tour, the guide, the whatever, wasn’t brilliant.

We talk through your trip with you, give you all the advice you need to get it right. The where, when and how, in what order, what to avoid, all the do’s and don’ts, where to stay, which room, and you book it yourself. We’ll even help you with activities, guides and transport too. We help you make your trip as good as it can be, avoid mistakes and maximise your valuable vacation time.