Once a year we come up with an invigorating itinerary for a small group guided personally by Real Latin America founder and seasoned traveller, Dominic Allan. These trips are designed to be eye-opening and deliver a real flavor of the region

The itinerary will take you off the beaten track, often to places seldom visited by tourists. Accommodation is always comfortable though can be rustic, and we usually bookend each trip with some luxury.

Past adventures have taken us through Solentiname in Nicaragua, down the Rio San Juan to the Caribbean Sea and up the Mosquito coast (named after the Miskito people, not the insect!). We’ve explored the jungle rivers on the edge of the Indio Maíz rainforest and the Rama territories of the Atlantic coast.

Further east, we’ve ventured across the cattle ranches of Chontales with their local ‘hipicas’; and north into coffee country and the tobacco estates of Matagalpa and Estlí. In southern Belize, we’ve explored Mayan villages, Mennonite farms and the lush jungle of Toledo District, winding up the Rio Dulce into Guatemala.

If you are interested in a private, personally guided trip for your friends and family, we’d be delighted to discuss that too.